How to Validate Your Business Idea


The Problem In this post, I want to explain why it is important to validate your business idea. You may recall that in my previous blog post in this series, I described the factors needed to select a product or service to offer future customers: It's an area that you’re passionate about (or reflects your purpose), You have expertise or skills to share, There are customers with a problem to solve, and The customers are willing and able [...]

How to Validate Your Business Idea2020-11-22T07:55:10-06:00

How to Get Started on Your Nonclinical Online Business


A New Blog Series I have decided to write a series of blog posts focused on how to get started on your nonclinical online business. It has been a long time since I wrote a dedicated blog post not related to a podcast episode. But it is time to ramp up this part of the web site! The topics will be about starting and growing a business, entrepreneurship, and all of the online tools and tricks that I [...]

How to Get Started on Your Nonclinical Online Business2020-05-12T10:53:35-05:00

How I Found My Wonderful Nonclinical Careers – 072


This Time I'm the One Being Interviewed Michelle Mudge-Riley recently interviewed me about my wonderful nonclinical careers. She runs Physicians Helping Physicians , a site that helps physicians land new careers. She interviews physicians like me who have developed interesting side hustles or careers outside of medical practice, and posts the podcasts on the site.   Along with a dozen other physicians, I’m helping Michelle and PHP to present it’s first major conference dedicated to career transition this [...]

How I Found My Wonderful Nonclinical Careers – 0722021-03-23T17:46:22-05:00

What Did We Learn and Where Are We Going After 25 Episodes? – 026


In this episode, I answer this question: What did we learn in the first 25 episodes of this podcast? I'll also describe where I plan to go next. I produce this podcast because I’ve personally pivoted to a nonclinical career. And I think that's a valid option that frustrated physicians should seriously consider. Over a period of several years, I shifted from full-time clinical practice to full-time hospital chief medical officer. Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash [...]

What Did We Learn and Where Are We Going After 25 Episodes? – 0262021-03-20T19:31:37-05:00

Latest Update on the Podcast and Blog


Hello readers and listeners. I'm presenting this latest update on what's going on here at Physician NonClinical Careers Podcast and the Vital Physician Executive Blog. As you've probably noticed, I launched the podcast a few weeks ago. The episodes are being posted right here on the blog every week. They're also accessible on their own PNC Podcast Page. Each podcast episode has its own post that describes the material for those that prefer to read their content. And the post includes links [...]

Latest Update on the Podcast and Blog2017-11-09T07:04:52-06:00

Growth And Discomfort for the Vital Physician Executive


The title of this post is intended to have two meanings. Any manager, leader, or executive generally finds that there is rarely growth without discomfort. Growth and discomfort (sometimes outright pain) are usually linked. It also indicates that this blog itself is due for some growth. When I jumped in and took my first executive position as vice president for medical affairs, it began a period of growth that I had not experienced since medical school and residency. [...]

Growth And Discomfort for the Vital Physician Executive2017-08-23T04:59:28-05:00

Top Reasons to Be LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a social networking site designed for the business community. The site allows registered members to establish networks of people they know and trust professionally. To be LinkedIn is to be part of a business and professional network. It was founded in 2002 and is now owned by Microsoft. With over 500 million users worldwide, it boasts about 130 million users in the United States. It currently posts about 10 million jobs. The primary feature that defines [...]

Top Reasons to Be LinkedIn2017-08-10T06:19:23-05:00

Newly Discovered Physician Authored Blogs: 23 Additions


I have previously devoted two posts to blogs written by physicians. I continue to identify new sites as I scour the web for news and reviews to share with my readers. With these newly discovered physician authored blogs, there are 73 for you to explore. (I had 70 on my list, then realized I had forgotten to add The Productive Physician, a blogger I mentioned in my Monthly Leadership Favorites for March, Wealthy Doc and Smart Money MD). You may recall that I posted my [...]

Newly Discovered Physician Authored Blogs: 23 Additions2017-05-26T16:47:04-05:00

The Looming American Association for Physician Leadership Annual Conference


I really miss attending the physician leadership annual conference of the AAPL. For the past 2 ½ years, I have been consumed with starting a new urgent care center north of Chicago. In addition to interviewing, hiring, writing policies and procedures, and training staff, this required that I study for the American Board of Family Medicine exam (thankfully, I passed!). It also required a thorough review of workers compensation and occupational medicine. And I needed to take a mandatory course [...]

The Looming American Association for Physician Leadership Annual Conference2017-04-11T10:30:49-05:00

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