I have previously devoted two posts to blogs written by physicians. I continue to identify new sites as I scour the web for news and reviews to share with my readers. With these newly discovered physician authored blogs, there are 73 for you to explore.

(I had 70 on my list, then realized I had forgotten to add The Productive Physician, a blogger I mentioned in my Monthly Leadership Favorites for March, Wealthy Doc and Smart Money MD).

You may recall that I posted my first list of 30 blogs with My Fascination with Physician-Authored Blogs. Then I added 20 more and published the list of 50 in Are You Intrigued or Entertained by These 50 Physician Authored Blogs? All 73 of them are included in the updated table below. The new ones are listed at the top.

newly discovered physician authored blogs


In this list I have avoided blogs that are strictly clinical in nature (well, maybe one or two slipped in). However, some of them may have a mix of clinical AND philosophical or financial content. In fact, one of them (Sutured for a Living) has a mix of clinical and quilting content (you saw that right: quilting!).

My Current Favorites

My favorites physician authored blogs are listed here:

  1. UrgentCare Mentor
  2. The White Coat Investor
  3. Future Proof MD
  4. The Productive Physician
  5. Physician on FIRE
  6. Investing Doc
  7. The Happy MD
  8. ZDoggMD
  9. GomerBlog

The new ones that piqued my interest and might become future favorites include the following:

  1. The Foodie Physician has lots of appetizing and healthy meals.
  2. I enjoy humorous writing, especially when it involves stupid things patients say and do, which are often written about by Dr. Grumpy.
  3. GomerBlog takes humor and satire to a whole new level. That's why I already added it to my favorites list.
  4. The Happy Hospitalist seems to consist of humor scattered with the occasional coding and documentation advice. Confusing, but entertaining.
  5. Matthew Hahn looks intense, and devoted mostly to standing up for us battered physicians. MACRA Must Die sounds like a good read.
  6. I found five new personal finance blogs: Smart Money MDWealthy DocSome Random Guy OnlineDoctor in Debt and The Wall Street Physician. I think that brings the number of physician authored finance blogs to thirteen!
  7. And, finally! I found two blogs by physicians focused on leadership: md2leader and Richard Winters MD.  I met the author of md2leader at a recent American Association for Physician Leadership meeting and was pleased to find his blog once I returned home.

Newly Discovered Physician Authored Blogs

Like last time, the table is searchable and sortable, so if you want to see all of the Personal Finance or Happiness blogs together you can easily do so. Also, I have set the table to display 37 sites at a time. You can scan the first 37, then see the next 36 by clicking Next at the bottom of the table. I think you can also adjust the number of rows being displayed if you prefer.

Other than listing the recent additions first, the table is in no particular order. Most sites are all fairly active with multiple posts within the past few months or so. The Entrepreneurial MD is one exception – its last post dating back to 2016.

I attempted to categorize the 73 physician authored blogs the best I could, without providing detailed notes from their About Pages. It is easy to identify a site as Personal Finance in nature. But some of the other descriptions are rough approximations of their content at best. I sometimes just called them Eclectic if they have commentary about lots of unrelated issues.

And one minor warning: a few of the blogs appear to promote political leanings. But none seem to be blatant. I am still trying to get a feel for Rebel.MD, for example. But the writing was very good, and I think the political content is minimal.

Here is the updated list of physician authored blogs:

[table id=8 /]

Next Steps

Check out some of the sites at your leisure and let me know what you think. Also, send me the name of your favorite physician authored blog or podcast, and I will add it to my list.

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