Interview with Dr. Phil Boucher – 360

I’ve invited a former guest from 2020 to show us how he created the private practice of the future while simultaneously growing a business start-up.

Dr. Phil Boucher has been in private practice since 2014. He is known for integrating cutting-edge technologies into his practice, and for helping other physicians communicate better with patients, improve productivity, and understand marketing. 

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Dr. Phil Boucher Creates the Private Practice of the Future

Dr. Phil Boucher is revolutionizing private medical practices with his innovative tools, OpenSpot and Practice Leads. OpenSpot fills last-minute appointment cancellations via automated text messaging, easing the administrative burden and maximizing capacity. Practice Leads offers a HIPAA-compliant CRM that centralizes patient communications, ensuring no potential patient is overlooked and automating follow-ups.

Dr. Boucher’s approach combines technology with personalized care, advocating for physicians to embrace private practice for greater autonomy and job satisfaction. By providing tools to streamline operations and nurture patient relationships, he helps physicians create thriving, independent practices that deliver exceptional care. His vision for the future of private practice blends efficiency with a personal touch, benefiting both physicians and patients.

Revolutionizing Appointment Management with OpenSpot

Dr. Phil Boucher highlights how OpenSpot addresses the common issue of last-minute cancellations in medical practices. By leveraging text messaging, OpenSpot fills scheduling gaps without burdening administrative staff with endless phone calls. The platform integrates seamlessly with existing systems like email, Slack, or Teams, ensuring real-time updates on filled slots. Available nationwide, OpenSpot can be set up within a week, offering a streamlined solution that enhances efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Empowering Physicians to Embrace Autonomy and Fun in Practice

I think physicians are often afraid because they feel like business is too hard… There's a way to figure out how to go into business for yourself and to practice medicine or to serve the people that you feel called to serve… It can be really fun and… profitable and you can really enjoy your life more.


To learn more, book a demo, or connect with Dr. Boucher, visit and Additionally, Dr. Boucher is accessible via text for direct communication and support. His commitment to improving private practice is evident in his willingness to engage and assist fellow physicians in optimizing their practice management and patient care.

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