Hello readers and listeners. I'm presenting this latest update on what's going on here at Physician NonClinical Careers Podcast and the Vital Physician Executive Blog.

As you've probably noticed, I launched the podcast a few weeks ago. The episodes are being posted right here on the blog every week. They're also accessible on their own PNC Podcast Page.

Each podcast episode has its own post that describes the material for those that prefer to read their content. And the post includes links to important information mentioned in each episode and to iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play.

latest update work in progress

With all of the work that went into producing the first eight episodes, I had no choice but to take a hiatus from publishing blog material on leadership topics. However, my intention moving forward is to continue to write weekly on such topics.

This is getting a little challenging, because it takes time to research and prepare the content for both the blog and the podcast. But I'm going to continue to work on this.

I enjoy new challenges. I'm learning more about blogging and podcasting every day. And, I'm getting to meet some really fascinating physicians who have done wonderful work. I'll bring many of them onto the podcast for interviews.

And, with your help, I'll continue to learn and grow and provide better podcast and blog content.

I really appreciate your support and patience. My goal is to continue to produce value for you.

Latest Update on Newsletter Improvements

Here is the latest update on my Newsletter. I'm going to try something new. I'm going to move my curated content, which is what I previously called the Monthly Favorites, to the email Newsletter. I'll continue to use the newsletter to announce the release of blog posts and podcasts. But, I'll also provide information that's pertinent to physician leadership and nonclinical careers. My intent is, again, to provide additional value in another way.

For example, I will discuss newly released or recently discovered books I've read, or a new course or conference that;s of interest to Newsletter subscribers.

The Newsletter will have unique content, so you should sign up for it by clicking RIGHT HERE.

Your Input Needed

Please bear with me. Help me to improve the podcast and blog. I'll be sending out a survey shortly to my email list. It will be really helpful if you sign up for that email list and newsletter, because you'll be able to provide valuable input and direction to improve these resources.

Together, we'll make this enterprise as valuable as possible for all of you. Thanks for listening. I'll be back with you soon.



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Next Steps

Please add your thoughts and questions in the Comments. I'll respond to them all.

Contact me: johnjurica@nonclinical.buzzmybrand.net