Latest Update on the Podcast and Blog


Hello readers and listeners. I'm presenting this latest update on what's going on here at Physician NonClinical Careers Podcast and the Vital Physician Executive Blog. As you've probably noticed, I launched the podcast a few weeks ago. The episodes are being posted right here on the blog every week. They're also accessible on their own PNC Podcast Page. Each podcast episode has its own post that describes the material for those that prefer to read their content. And the post includes links [...]

Latest Update on the Podcast and Blog2017-11-09T07:04:52-06:00

What Are Your Biggest Challenges as a Physician Leader?


I feel that it's time for me to reflect on where VITAL Physician Executive has been, where it's going, and whether I am addressing the biggest challenges for the physician leader. Update on This Blog Last year when I started writing, I committed to myself to post twice a week. And I have stuck by that pretty well. Since June 2016, I have published 84 posts prior to this one. But you may have noticed that I've slowed down [...]

What Are Your Biggest Challenges as a Physician Leader?2017-05-17T04:58:08-05:00

My Apologies


When I started the Vital Physician Executive, I promised myself to post at least twice a week. Since June of this year, I have kept that promise. I am now in the middle of a long-awaited vacation. And I embarrassed that I was not proactive enough to create enough posts to be published during my absence. So, in place of my usual post, I offer a list of interesting physician-written blogs that I enjoy following, and recommend you visit them. [...]

My Apologies2016-09-02T11:28:24-05:00

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