When I started the Vital Physician Executive, I promised myself to post at least twice a week. Since June of this year, I have kept that promise.

I am now in the middle of a long-awaited vacation. And I embarrassed that I was not proactive enough to create enough posts to be published during my absence.

So, in place of my usual post, I offer a list of interesting physician-written blogs that I enjoy following, and recommend you visit them. I will get back on track following my return from the Baltic Sea.

I provide no description of them. I'll let you check them out and see if you like them. Please provide feedback to me in the comments section below.  Thanks – John

  1. Future Proof MD
  2. Physician on Fire
  3. Freelance MD
  4. InvestingDoc
  5. The Happy MD
  6. Marjorie Stiegler, MD