Interview with Dr. Katrina Ubell

In today's episode, John invites Dr. Katrina Ubell back to discuss her business and new book How to Lose Weight for the Last Time: Brain-Based Solutions for Permanent Weight Loss.

She began her journey from practicing pediatrician to master-certified life coach while taking a break from practice. She found that she quickly connected with medical professionals struggling to lose weight. 

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Dr. Katrina Ubell's Journey

Dr. Ubell's battle with her own weight started in medical school, where physicians typically learn to “eat when you can, and sleep when you can.” Like many physicians struggling to maintain a healthy weight, she found that her clients were emotional eaters who consume food even when not hungry.

The approach she uses addresses feelings, thoughts, and beliefs differently, as often the root causes of our poor eating patterns.

Beginning with one-on-one coaching, Katrina developed her flagship program “Weight Loss for Doctors Only,” which has been very successful in helping members to achieve a harmonious relationship with food and the permanent weight loss they seek.

How to Lose Weight

Dr. Ubell shares the strategies for weight loss from her flagship program in her recently released book “How to Lose Weight for the Last Time.” The key, she says, is not to be found in unrealistic diets, unsustainable supplements, or demanding workout regimens, but to follow the brain-based strategy outlined in her book.

Dr. Katrina Ubell's Advice

 Once I understood how to asses and act upon my true physiological hunger, the weight started to come off…


You can find Dr. Ubell's book, and the audiobook version that she recorded, on her website at, and at major bookstores. After buying it, you can enter the order number on her website to gain access to a free 90-minute workshop called “Ensure Your Weight Loss Success.” 

You can also find information about her podcast “Weight Loss for Busy Physicians,” and several free downloadable resources on her website.

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