In this podcast episode, I'm speaking with Dr. Katrina Ubell, a pediatrician and certified life and weight coach. She describes her career journey and why you should optimize your attitude before considering major career decisions.

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Optimize Your Attitude

Today’s guest, Dr. Katrina Ubell, is a successful physician coach. She transitioned out of her pediatric practice completely, and now runs her very successful coaching business.

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Katrina is a board-certified pediatrician and Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. She is also a certified life and weight coach. She produces a popular podcast called Weight Loss for Busy Physicians. In it, she addresses mindset, attitudes, mental models, emotions, friendship and other topics that affect our health and happiness.

She has also created a successful business providing individual and group coaching for her clients.

She’s very energetic, and passionate about what she does. She has a fascinating story to tell. She provides us today with insights into how our beliefs and attitudes can undermine our current career satisfaction. And how they create barriers to successfully pursuing a new one.


Here are some of the highlights that I took from our conversation.

  • As we learned with previous guests, burnout is only one possible reason for considering a new career. Sometimes, it’s a desire to help others while achieving more flexibility and balance in our lives.
  • It’s important to fully explore our reasons for leaving our current job before moving to another. As Dr. Ubell mentions, it’s best to achieve happiness in the current job before pivoting to the next one. It’s likely that if we don’t, the beliefs and attitudes that lead to our unhappiness will simply follow us to our next career.
  • Coaching is one of those professions that can meet our desire to help others in a meaningful way, without providing direct medical care. But coaching requires extensive training, mentoring from others, and in many cases, first working with our own coach. It’s hard work, like starting any new business.
  • Most coaches begin working with clients individually, face to face. But there are other ways of coaching, including virtual and group coaching.
  • Since most coaches do not work for large organizations, they must become entrepreneurs. They must establish the legal structure of the business, do sales and marketing, create a website, do billing and collections, monitor the financials, and do everything any small business owner must do.
  • It may take years for the salary to approach that of a physician. It might be best to start part-time while practicing. And it’s also wise to have a financial cushion set aside to cover expenses while the revenues are growing, before leaving your full-time clinical position.

In Closing

I hope you enjoyed today’s interview with Katrina Ubell.

Let’s end with this quote attributed to Stephen Kellogg:

optimze your attitude

Join me next week for another episode of Physician Nonclinical Careers.

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