For today's podcast episode, I had the pleasure of speaking to a nonclinical career expert. She actually “wrote the book” on this topic.

Heidi Moawad, MD, is a neurologist and adjunct professor at John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio. She's worked in many facets of medicine, including clinical practice, healthcare utilization, medical writing, telemedicine, payment policy and undergraduate and medical education.

She's the author of the book Careers Beyond Clinical Medicine, and she's the host of a website for physicians that's devoted to non-clinical careers. She wrote the book and created the website to help doctors looking for instructions and information about the universe of healthcare jobs, entrepreneurial paths, and nonclinical work. The book provides detailed step-by-step instructions for doctors who are looking for information about nonclinical careers.

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Birth of a Nonclinical Career Expert

Heidi Moawad was passionate about her work as a neurologist, and she loved what she did. But around 2003, she started becoming more and more frustrated with utilization review issues and other interference in her practice. In her frustration, she approached the company that was declining her requests to learn more about the UM process.

She began to provide reviews for the company, and ultimately turned that into a full-time nonclinical career, leaving clinical medicine. With the extra flexibility and free time she created, she followed her other passion – medical writing.

Colleagues began asking her to teach them how to make a similar transition. In response, she began doing extensive research, which led her to publish Careers Beyond Clinical Medicine through Oxford PressShe then created her website so she could continue to update career information and provide job listings for interested physicians. Between writing her book and creating her website, she truly is a nonclinical career expert.

Here are some of the highlights of our conversation:

  • How Heidi handled her career transition, and what she learned along the way;
  • What inspired her to translate what she learned into a book;
  • How she published her book;
  • Ways to gain freelance writing experience as a physician;
  • The resources Heidi provides on; and,
  • Her advice to doctors looking to make a career change.



Heidi Moawad is a fantastic example of a physician nonclinical career expert generous enough to share her experience with us. Our conversation taught me about the different paths to medical writing, as well as the work involved in becoming an author.

She took some pretty bold steps early in her nonclinical career, transitioning from full-time neurologist to a job in utilization review in just 9 months. And once she recognized the enormous interest in nonclinical careers, she used her writing skills to begin yet another career. She became an author and website curator, identifying and presenting resources for physicians in career transition.

During our conversation, she taught us about how to become a writer. She described:

  • which websites and print publications are a good fit for different kinds of work,
  • when we should expect to get paid, and,
  • how we can start leveraging our writing to build industry connections.

She gave us a fascinating insight into the world of publishing. And she encouraged us not to give up on our writing. She also provided key advice when interviewing: don’t show up without doing your research. Get to know the industry you’re looking at before you apply for a position. Then show up with plenty of background knowledge and educated questions to ask.

Click on the links below to order Heidi Moawad’s book, check out her website, and read some of the articles she’s written. If you have further questions for Heidi, you can reach out to her via the contact form on her website.


Careers Beyond Clinical Medicine Book

Heidi Moawad's LinkedIn Profile

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