Follow These 8 Steps to a Career in Quality Improvement – 027


In this episode, I respond to a listener's question about pursuing a career in quality improvement. Her ultimate goal is to become a chief medical officer for a health system. I list the tactics I would use to achieve that career goal. Free Career Transition Guide Before I jump into today’s content, I need to tell you about a new “how-to-guide” I’ve written. It’s a 24-page manual, complete with checklists for 5 nonclinical careers. It outlines the steps [...]

Follow These 8 Steps to a Career in Quality Improvement – 0272021-03-20T19:43:19-05:00

What Did We Learn and Where Are We Going After 25 Episodes? – 026


In this episode, I answer this question: What did we learn in the first 25 episodes of this podcast? I'll also describe where I plan to go next. I produce this podcast because I’ve personally pivoted to a nonclinical career. And I think that's a valid option that frustrated physicians should seriously consider. Over a period of several years, I shifted from full-time clinical practice to full-time hospital chief medical officer. Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash [...]

What Did We Learn and Where Are We Going After 25 Episodes? – 0262021-03-20T19:31:37-05:00

Latest Update on the Podcast and Blog


Hello readers and listeners. I'm presenting this latest update on what's going on here at Physician NonClinical Careers Podcast and the Vital Physician Executive Blog. As you've probably noticed, I launched the podcast a few weeks ago. The episodes are being posted right here on the blog every week. They're also accessible on their own PNC Podcast Page. Each podcast episode has its own post that describes the material for those that prefer to read their content. And the post includes links [...]

Latest Update on the Podcast and Blog2017-11-09T07:04:52-06:00

Newly Discovered Physician Authored Blogs: 23 Additions


I have previously devoted two posts to blogs written by physicians. I continue to identify new sites as I scour the web for news and reviews to share with my readers. With these newly discovered physician authored blogs, there are 73 for you to explore. (I had 70 on my list, then realized I had forgotten to add The Productive Physician, a blogger I mentioned in my Monthly Leadership Favorites for March, Wealthy Doc and Smart Money MD). You may recall that I posted my [...]

Newly Discovered Physician Authored Blogs: 23 Additions2017-05-26T16:47:04-05:00

Are You Intrigued or Entertained by These 50 Physician Authored Blogs?


This month I am adding 20 blogs to my initial list, to present 50 physician authored blogs. You may recall that I posted my first list of 30 blogs at My Fascination with Physician-Authored Blogs. I've added twenty new sites. All 50 of them are included in this updated table. The new ones are listed at the top. In the updated list, there are several that have more of a commercial bent. That is to say that they have [...]

Are You Intrigued or Entertained by These 50 Physician Authored Blogs?2017-02-14T10:00:04-06:00

My Fascination With Physician-Authored Blogs


I was inspired to start writing my blog after reading several other physician-authored blogs. Some have been around for years. Others are relative newcomers, like mine. Blogs (or “web-logs”) started out as a place to write a diary or journal. Many were rather light-hearted. Some written by physicians have become very serious, with descriptions of memorable clinical encounters or important health industry news and commentary. Others have become a source of free information for newcomers to hobbies or businesses. [...]

My Fascination With Physician-Authored Blogs2017-02-14T10:04:22-06:00

Hello and Welcome!


John V. Jurica, MD, MPH, CPE My name is John Jurica and I am a physician, entrepreneur, and former hospital executive. I have practiced medicine for 30 years, studied public health, started several medical practices, studied physician leadership, and worked as an integral member of a highly effective executive team. Along the way, I became a Certified Physician Executive (CPE). Welcome to my blog. Thanks for joining me. My purpose for writing this blog is to [...]

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