Here Are the Keys to Being a Strong CME Writer – 146


Interview with Sarah Campbell In this episode of the PNC podcast, Sarah Campbell offers her expert advice to the fledgling CME writer.   NetCE is a continuing education company that produced online education for health care professions. Sarah has spent much of her career working there. She is the Director of Development. In that role, she works with planners and authors to develop the materials that NetCE produces. […]

Here Are the Keys to Being a Strong CME Writer – 1462021-04-06T19:39:32-05:00

Top Reasons to Reintroduce Your CME Program


I've spent lots of time involved in planning, producing, evaluating and participating in CME. And I've observed over the past two decades that the number of CME providers in Illinois, where I live, has been declining. But there are recent changes that indicate that it's time to reintroduce your CME program if your organization has withdrawn from the CME planning world. Participating in CME (continuing medical education) has been a big part of my professional life. After completing my residency, [...]

Top Reasons to Reintroduce Your CME Program2017-04-05T10:04:13-05:00


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