Interview with Dr. Dana Corriel

Dana Corriel is an internist, speaker, coach and expert social media doctor. She completed medical school at the Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, and her internal medicine residency at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

After Dana finished her residency, started practicing, and had three children, she needed some time off. “I chose, after my third child, to stay home. I felt like I needed to bond with my child. That was a personal decision, not a knock on anyone who works.”

Everyone needs a break to get back on track. It helped Dana realize she had interests and talents outside of medicine. “The irony of that was that I actually was just a good a mom when I worked, as when I didn't work, it was just me that I needed to discover during that break.”

Displaying Expertise

Coaching health care professionals on how to maximize their online presence, she created #SoMeDocs (“Doctors on Social Media”). It's a Facebook Group and business for physicians looking to impact health care and grow their business using available online tools.

Dana is also a writer, iPhone photographer, and creative entrepreneur. You can read her articles on KevinMD, Medium, Doximity and other media outlets. She’s also been writing on her blog, since 2016.

Lately, she has doubled her efforts. Her Facebook Group has been growing quickly. Its members are an engaged group of physicians interested in using social media for their medical businesses and nonmedical careers. As you can imagine, she’s very active on all of the major social media sites. And she’s developed a following as an expert in the field.

Balancing Multiple Interests

It’s amazing how Dana integrates her clinical careers with multiple creative outlets. I was impressed by the way she weaves writing, travel, photography, family, business and medicine into her life. And I get the feeling that she’s just getting started.

expert social media doctor dana corriel

“I do all kinds of things. I write, I photograph, travel. But the entire overarching theme is, things that are creative and out of the box.”

“It's about leveraging whatever platform you like. And honestly, if you actually like to do it, then it becomes about having fun. It's no longer about working. That's the magic of using social media.”



Dana leverages several social media platforms for her clinical practice and non-clinical activities. “In my writings, I delve into travel; that is not medical. But I also write about healthcare.”

She started Social Media Doctors (a.k.a., SoMeDocs) as a resource to help other physicians use social media. “We can use it to increase our patient load. We can use it to better health care by taking on a topic that we're passionate about. It's also about networking. It's about beating burnout.”


Dr. Heather Fork, physician career coach at Doctors Crossing, recently featured a written interview with me on her blog. Check it out if you want to know a little bit more about what I’m doing, how I started this podcast, and my perspective on career change.

Also, look over all of Heather’s other blog posts. She’s an awesome writer and physician advocate. She’s an icon in career transition because she’s been coaching for TEN years and has helped literally hundreds of physicians, maybe even thousands, find joy and fulfillment in their careers.

You can find our interview at A Podcast You Don't Want to Miss.

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Using Twitter

According to Dana, “Don't just tweet to tweet. Remember the following:

  • Stay positive
  • Include others
  • Be careful about tagging people
  • Collaborate
  • Be respectful”

Physicians are People, Too

Physicians tell their patients to exercise, eat right, stress less, and get enough sleep. Maybe doctors should take their own advice. “We all need an outlet. Our gas tank needs to be full to give to others. It is not selfish to focus on yourself because you will be a better server to others.”

To avoid burnout as a physician:

  • Take a break to reset and reassess your goals.
  • Bring balance into your life by doing other things that interest you, even while practicing.

By doing all the things that I was doing on social media, I was seeing an outlet for myself. I was seeing my burnout resolve. I was seeing my career advance to an amazing degree.

Dana Corriel

Take Time Off

Parents also need a break sometimes. “You're a better parent when you recharge, and you actually take time away from your kids.”

However, time together is even better. “We made a decision to travel frequently and more regularly as a family. Our kids are still young enough to enjoy experiences with us. My blog is going to remain a memory that my kids can literally look back on.”


I think we can all learn from Dana's example. If we're feeling overly stressed with our current situation, we should step back, take control of our lives, and create more balance. Start slowly, and gradually make it work.

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