I’m so glad you’re here. Today, I present an interview with a Medical Science Liaison. But, before we get into that, can you believe that this is episode number 50 of the podcast!

I must say, producing this podcast has really been a learning experience. Today’s episode is a great example. A year ago, I had no idea what a medical science liaison was. I’m amazed at how many different nonclinical careers exist. And, so many of them need qualified physicians.

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I’m a big believer in learning and stacking new skills. And working on this podcast has shown me how to find and interview interesting guests, record and edit interviews, and promote everything using social media. And I’m still learning.

My Network Is Growing

I’ve met dozens of guests, and networked more in the past year than in my entire professional life prior to starting the podcast. As a result, I’ve developed many friendships with others helping physicians to face burnout and pivot to a new career.

Let me mention some of the really outstanding coaches, bloggers and podcasters I’ve met:

  • Heather Fork,
  • David Draghinas,
  • Ryan Inman,
  • Michelle Mudge-Riley,
  • Dike Drummond,
  • Mike Woo-Ming,
  • Sylvie Stacy,
  • Tom Davis,
  • Dian Ginsberg,
  • Kate Atchley,
  • Robert Gleeson,
  • Kernan Manion,
  • Larry Earl,
  • Bo Liu,
  • Mark Lavercombe.

And others I’m forgetting right now – please forgive me if you’re one of them.

And thank you for listening, responding, and signing up for the newsletter. I do appreciate you. Beyond that, I’m not going to do anything special for #50. I’ll wait until episode #100 for that.

Before we get into today’s interview, let me mention again that I’ve created a new bonus for new subscribers. It’s a free 29-page guide called How to Land Three Popular Hospital Management Jobs, and it can be downloaded for free by going to vitalpe.net/hospitaljobs.

Introducing Dr. Savi Chadha

Dr. Savi Chadha is regional medical manager and medical science liaison with Tardis Medical Consultancy. He received his BA in marketing from Loyola University, MPH from Benedictine University, and MD from St. James School of Medicine. Savi is a member of the Medical Science Liaison Society and a SEAK alumnus.

He was very patient with me during the interview. We had major connectivity issues, and had to repeat a couple sections of the interview. For those considering podcasting themselves, I will say that this was the last time I used Skype for an interview. I’ve since switched to Zoom, at Zoom.us, which seems to be working better.

What Did I Learn About the Medical Science Liaison Career?

I really enjoyed my discussion with Savi Chadha. It was so interesting to hear about his career as a Medical Science Liaison (MSL).

Here are some of the things I learned:

  • While his MPH may have helped Savi get his first job, he said it is not a requirement.
  • If you’d like to pursue a job as an MSL, Savi recommends that you start by speaking with any pharma sales rep that you know, and use their contacts to meet MSLs at their home companies.
  • Going to the national pharmaceutical meetings is another way to learn about MSL jobs.
  • There are 2 associations to look into: The Medical Affairs Professional Society and the Medical Science Liaison Society.
  • Savi recommends a book called The Medical Science Liaison Career Guide: How to Break Into Your First Role by Samuel Jacob Dyer*.
  • Work as an MSL is one of the few nonclinical careers that does NOT require residency and board certification.
  • An MSL position is fairly location-independent, but it may require significant travel depending on the size of the territory covered.

You can connect with Savi on LinkedIn or contact him by email at savi.chadha.md@gmail.com.

Next Week

This is the first of 2 interviews with a medical science liaison. I will post the second one in a week or two.

I’m probably going to post a solo episode next week, in which I describe the kind of experience and skills health systems and medical groups are looking for in a chief medical officer, or CMO.

So, don’t miss it if you have any interest in hospital management.

Next week, I’ll present the first interview in a 2-part series about a career as a Medical Science Liaison. It’s my first foray into the world of pharma-related careers. So, don’t miss it.

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