Interview with Dr. Greg Hanson

Dr. Greg Hanson decided to start a business and created the latest way to connect doctors with interesting jobs.

Greg is a PGY-3 interventional radiology resident in Philadelphia. He graduated from UCLA with his BS in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences before moving to New York City. While in New York, Greg obtained his Master of Public Health degree in epidemiology with an advanced certificate in applied biostatistics.

He obtained his medical degree from the Dartmouth Medical School in Hanover, New Hampshire. In June 2018, he started his surgical internship. One year later he began his integrated interventional radiology residency.

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Solving His Own Problem

Like most of us, Greg found that attending medical school and internship were very busy times. However, once he entered the first year of radiology residency, the intensity and tie commitment diminished. So, he decided to use the time to moonlight to earn extra income.

But it was not the clinical moonlighting that usually comes to mind. He looked for opportunities to use his medical, science, and statistical backgrounds. He found several time-limited freelance positions. And several of them paid very well.

But the process of finding those jobs was difficult. He believed there should be a better way to link physicians with side jobs. And that sparked the idea for flipMD.

Latest Way to Connect Doctors with Interesting Jobs

It’s a pretty straightforward business. Find businesses that need the expertise of physicians. Then connect them with appropriate physicians looking for side jobs. It reminds me of what Upwork does for other freelancers.

That's really all we're trying to do… create opportunity for physicians and then also for the clients that are looking for those physicians. – Dr. Greg Hanson

Implementing a new business was not easy. He and his wife, who now handles many of the day-to-day responsibilities, had to set up the business structure and create a business plan. Then they had to engage programmers to design the platform to connect physician freelancers with prospective clients. And developing and implementing a marketing plan followed.

But they were able to pull it off. The business officially opened its doors earlier this year (2020). It has started linking physicians to clients. And it is aggressively growing both groups.


Greg has demonstrated that it is possible to start a new business part-time. And it will certainly take continued dedication to make it work. But it seems to have proven the concept that inspired it. I'm also excited because it is a tool that you and other physicians may find very helpful as you explore nonclinical and nontraditional careers. 

I encourage you to check out Greg's business at Give it a try if you’re in the market for a part-time gig advising start-ups or other freelance work.

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