Welcome to the first episode of the Physician NonClinical Careers podcast.

This podcast is an offshoot of this blog. But instead of addressing emerging physician executives exclusively, I've designed this podcast to inspire, inform and support doctors looking to pivot to any nonclinical full- or part-time career.

The podcast will include episodes addressing general topics, such as leadership, management, education, negotiation, motivation, and self-confidence. I will also talk about specific issues related to pivoting to a career in hospital or medical group administration.

However, I'm certainly not the expert on all nonclinical jobs for physicians, so this podcast will include many interviews with experts in nonclinical medical careers, employers, and physicians who have already completed a pivot to a new career.

In this first short episode, I describe why I started this podcast, a little bit about my background and my goals for the podcast.

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I also list the ways that you can reach me, including by:

  • email at johnjurica@nonclinical.buzzmybrand.net
  • voice message at my Voice Message Page
  • adding comments at the end of this and future posts
  • commenting in the Apple Podcast App

I'm very interested in hearing from you about a particular expert or nonclinical career.

I really appreciate your support. Thanks for being a loyal VPE reader, and now, Physician NonClinical Careers listener!

Here is a list of resources mentioned in this episode:

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