A Popular Choice Among Physicians Lacking Residency Training

In today's episode, I summarized what I've personally learned from Medical Science Liaisons, and my own research, to help you find your first MSL job.

Only certain careers are open to physicians who did not complete residency and are not board certified:

  • medical writing
  • consulting
  • entrepreneur
  • sometimes informatics
  • medical science liaison (MSL)

Since I receive so many questions about these kinds of jobs, I decided to present everything I've learned about getting your first MSL job in one, succinct solo episode today.

Top Considerations When Purusing Your First MSL Job

In this episode, I cover the following topcs:

  • Description of the MSL job
  • Self-limiting beliefs that must be overcome
  • Universal resources for nonclinical careers that should be used to find that first MSL job:
    • mentors
    • networking
    • LinkedIn
    • resumes
  • Positive aspects of an MSL career
  • Challenges for MSLs
  • How to prepare to pursue the first MSL job
  • Best resources
    • Medical Science Liaison Society
    • Medical Science Liaison Institute
    • Job listings
  • Your resume
  • Interviewing

Our Sponsor

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University of Tennessee PEMBA students bring exceptional value to their organizations by contributing at the highest level while earning their degree. The curriculum includes a number of major assignments and a company project, both of which are structured to immediately apply to each student’s organization.

Graduates have taken leadership positions at major healthcare organizations and have become entrepreneurs and business owners. If you want to acquire the business and management skills needed to advance your nonclinical career, contact Dr. Kate Atchley’s office by calling (865) 974-6526 or going to vitalpe.net/physicianmba.



Because there is intense interest in the Medical Science Liaison career, I'm creating an online course devoted to it. It will be available in January, about four weeks from now.

Since I want to answer all of your questions about your first MSL job, I created a short survey for you. If you have remaining questions about this topic, go to vitalpe.net/mslsurvey. It will take less than a minute.

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Thanks to the UT Physician Executive MBA program for sponsoring the show. It’s an outstanding, highly rated, MBA program designed for working physicians. It might be just what you need to prepare for that joyful, well-paying career. You can find out more at vitalpe.net/physicianmba.

Thanks again for listening. I hope to see you next time on Physician NonClinical Careers.

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