In today's episode, we hear how to develop a lucrative side gig as an expert witness. Peter Steinberg is a urologist who has developed a part-time expert witness practice over the past five years.  And, in this interview he explains how he did it.

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OK, let’s get to today’s interview.

Enter Dr. Steinberg

Dr. Peter Steinberg is a board-certified urologist. He's also the director of endourology and kidney stone management at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, one of the Harvard Medical School teaching hospitals. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. He then completed a urology residency at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, and an Endourology Fellowship at Montefiore Medical Center.

expert witness

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His interests include medical malpractice, expert witness, patient safety, communication in the operating room, and medical writing. He also enjoys consulting related to medications and devices, health care venture capital, angel investing and public speaking. Of interest to us, he has extensive experience as a urological expert witness. He has been a guest on several other podcasts, including “The White Coat Investor” and “Radical Personal Finance”.

This work seems like a really good way to augment your clinical practice. It's like the ultimate moonlighting. You can earn MORE on an hourly basis than working clinically.

You should recall that work as an expert witness allows you to create beneficial tax-favored retirement accounts. These include options such as a SEP-IRA or a Solo 401(k). I’m not an accountant, so don’t rely on my advice on retirement accounts. But check it out if you work as an independent contractor in this, or any other, capacity.

How to Become an Expert Witness

Here are some of the topics we talked about:

  • Resources provided by the American Urological Association, including a registry, and policies to apply when working as an expert witness.
  • Three big reasons Peter enjoys his work as an expert witness, with a full discussion of the income opportunities.
  • The three major duties of an expert witness, which include chart reviews, depositions and, rarely, testifying at trial.
  • Other resources for those wishing to pursue this career.

You can connect with Peter on LinkedIn – just search for Peter Steinberg MD.

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