Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley joins us for her second visit to the PNC Podcast to explain the 5 Stages of Career Transformation. She has identified these stages during the course of her long career as a physician career coach.

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OK, let’s get to today’s interview.

Career Transformation with Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley

Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley is a physician career coach, consultant, and entrepreneur. She was my guest on Episode 010 of the podcast.

She has spent the last ten years coaching physicians and creating helpful resources for those seeking career change. She’s come on the podcast to explain the 5 Stages of Career Transformation that she has come to recognize during her long career.

Photo by Suzanne D. Williams on Unsplash

For each step, she describes the common emotions you feel and actions to take to move through the stage.

She also describes where you might get stuck, and how to overcome the obstacles you may meet during each stage. She notes that some physicians reaching Stage 5 may need to circle back and re-engage at an earlier stage once or twice during the process.

And, she reminds us that the greatest mistake you can make is doubting your ability to navigate this process successfully.

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