Follow These Steps Intentionally to Become CMO

In this week's show, I explain the 5 steps I took to go from family physician to hospital Chief Medical Officer.

I start by explaining why I believe hospital leadership is an excellent career. Then I set the stage for the rest of the discussion.

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5 Steps to a Leadership Position

Here are the five steps I describe in today's monologue:

  1. Be curious and volunteer for committees and special projects;
  2. Engage one or more mentors;
  3. Try different part-time paid positions as pilots to see what interests you while gaining new skills;
  4. Get additional education and certification or a new degree;
  5. Go for it, and ask for the job.

My path spanned about 20 years. But you can compress what I did into a much shorter time frame. In the end, you will find a well-compensated position that enables you to have a meaningful impact on healthcare in your community. 

And if you're like me, you'll have fun doing it.


This is an excellent career open to any physician who regularly works in the hospital setting. By demonstrating interest, learning on the job, obtaining the help of a mentor, and furthering your education, you will be able to find a career as a hospital executive.

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