Not All Leadership Dyads Are Created Equal


Leadership Dyads have been touted as the solution to the challenge of executing complex initiatives in hospitals and health systems. Meaningful physician leadership has been found to be the missing component in some of these implementations. The thinking goes that partnering a strong executive with an engaged physician can overcome physician resistance to such new programs. But not all leadership dyads are created equal. What Is Dyad Leadership? As described in a 2015 Advisory Board Article, dyad leadership is “…a [...]

Not All Leadership Dyads Are Created Equal2017-09-04T07:54:58-05:00

4 Tactics for Building Trust and Inspiring Your Team


It was both exciting and intimidating to participate in weekly operational and strategic meetings as a new member of the team. One of the first things I observed was how the CEO was building trust among the team members at almost every meeting. I was the newly appointed vice president for medical affairs (VPMA). I had convinced our CEO that is was time to add a formal physician leader to the executive team. It was 1999, and most [...]

4 Tactics for Building Trust and Inspiring Your Team2016-12-09T15:56:23-06:00

Effective Teams Crave Conflict


When I first joined the executive team at my hospital as its VPMA (vice president for medical affairs), little did I know that conflict would become a welcome part of the job. One of the most challenging aspects was learning to contribute more openly in weekly strategic meetings. I had some exposure to strategic planning meetings as a hospital board member and on various committees in my state medical society. But this was different. The CEO, COO, CFO and seven [...]

Effective Teams Crave Conflict2016-11-22T11:04:14-06:00

Six Signs of Lack of Trust in the C-Suite


A primary skill that a new physician executive needs relates to working in teams: to effectively lead teams and to be an able team member. Lack of trust will kill the effectiveness of an executive team. If team members aren't comfortable with expressing their truths, the team will perform poorly. The definition of trust that we used in our executive team followed the definition given by Peter Lencioni in The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable. It basically centered around developing a team [...]

Six Signs of Lack of Trust in the C-Suite2016-10-22T15:53:39-05:00

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