How to Survive the 5 Stages of Career Transformation with Michelle Mudge-Riley – 055


Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley joins us for her second visit to the PNC Podcast to explain the 5 Stages of Career Transformation. She has identified these stages during the course of her long career as a physician career coach. Before we get to the interview, I must mention that my NEW focused mentoring program, called Become CMO in a Year, is the sponsor for today's episode. In this program, you’ll launch your career as a hospital or medical group Chief [...]

How to Survive the 5 Stages of Career Transformation with Michelle Mudge-Riley – 0552021-03-21T23:16:16-05:00

Entrepreneur and Business Owner – Interview with Dr. Mike Woo-Ming – 019


In this podcast episode, Mike Woo-Ming, MD, MPH, describes how and why he started his current business. He then takes us back to his successful side hustle while still in residency, and highlights many of the other clinical and non-clinical businesses he developed during his career. Mike is a family physician, entrepreneur, speaker, author, medical marketing strategist, and consultant. He completed his master's degree in public health at the University of Michigan, received his medical education at Wayne [...]

Entrepreneur and Business Owner – Interview with Dr. Mike Woo-Ming – 0192022-03-14T07:23:59-05:00

Top Reasons to Use LinkedIn – 008


In this episode, we explore the top reasons to use LinkedIn. During the recent SEAK NonClinical Careers for Physicians Conference, I was surprised by the number of times LinkedIn was mentioned. It is a critical tool when seeking a nonclinical job. In one presentation the speaker noted that LinkedIn was the primary method for finding jobs as a medical writer. In this week’s podcast, I address two of three major issues related to LinkedIn. The third issue will [...]

Top Reasons to Use LinkedIn – 0082021-03-19T08:34:29-05:00

Effective But Unorthodox Career Advice


When considering a career pivot, mentors and advisors often include an admonition to follow your passion as a key piece of advice. After all, following one’s passion means that you will stick with it. You won’t easily be swayed from working on something you're passionate about, so you'll see it through, even when there are big challenges. To do otherwise would seem to be unorthodox career advice. Besides, numerous surveys of, and interviews with, successful business leaders and [...]

Effective But Unorthodox Career Advice2017-08-16T04:47:24-05:00

The Looming American Association for Physician Leadership Annual Conference


I really miss attending the physician leadership annual conference of the AAPL. For the past 2 ½ years, I have been consumed with starting a new urgent care center north of Chicago. In addition to interviewing, hiring, writing policies and procedures, and training staff, this required that I study for the American Board of Family Medicine exam (thankfully, I passed!). It also required a thorough review of workers compensation and occupational medicine. And I needed to take a mandatory course [...]

The Looming American Association for Physician Leadership Annual Conference2017-04-11T10:30:49-05:00

Top Reasons to Reintroduce Your CME Program


I've spent lots of time involved in planning, producing, evaluating and participating in CME. And I've observed over the past two decades that the number of CME providers in Illinois, where I live, has been declining. But there are recent changes that indicate that it's time to reintroduce your CME program if your organization has withdrawn from the CME planning world. Participating in CME (continuing medical education) has been a big part of my professional life. After completing my residency, [...]

Top Reasons to Reintroduce Your CME Program2017-04-05T10:04:13-05:00

Preparing to Be a Better Physician Leader – Part 2


I started this series by discussing the attitudes or perspectives that physician leaders should understand and adopt. I would like to complete it with a description of some practical skills that you should seek to learn or enhance. If you are early in the journey, you can try to observe these skills in others as you're preparing to be a better physician leader. This is a process. Like any new realm of learning, we follow a path from awareness, to [...]

Preparing to Be a Better Physician Leader – Part 22017-03-31T13:46:59-05:00

How to Pivot and Launch A New Career: A Book Review


I recently read the book Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One, by Jenny Blake. It presented a model for career transformation that can be applied by clinicians seeking to move from patient care to an executive position. In the paragraphs that follow, I am going to explain how her pivot method can help you launch a new career as a healthcare executive. What is a Career Pivot? The author defines a career pivot as “Doubling [...]

How to Pivot and Launch A New Career: A Book Review2017-03-27T08:10:05-05:00

Interview With Lawrence Earl, MD, of UrgentCareMentor


Welcome to my second interview with a successful physician executive and leader. This time, I interview Lawrence Earl, MD. Larry made the transition early in his career from practicing clinician to medical director and then owner/CEO of his own urgent care company. He later sold his practice to Concentra, a large provider of urgent care and occupational medicine services that is very well-known in the urgent care arena. I know the company because when I was looking to [...]

Interview With Lawrence Earl, MD, of UrgentCareMentor2017-05-30T13:04:08-05:00

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