Resources for the Emerging Physician Leader


Looking back, I may not have taken the most obvious route to becoming Chief Medical Officer.  But the journey was fairly sequential. And there were several resources that helped me to feel confident as a physician leader. There is more need today than ever for skilled physician leaders. There are several specific steps that hopeful executives can take to enhance their competencies. But each physician will need to determine his or her own path based on his or her circumstances. When [...]

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Tactics to Cultivate Direct Reports


In the last post, I talked about the Five Intentions I believe every physician executive should have for their direct reports. The intentions are to: Inform Assist Mentor Maintain accountability Evaluate In Part 2, I want to provide some specific actions that can be taken to fulfill those intentions and cultivate your direct reports. […]

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Five Intentions For Direct Reports


As presented in a previous post (The Three Domains of the Physician Executive), one of your primary roles as a physician executive is to interact with your direct reports (DRs). These are directors, managers and others over whom you have direct responsibility. This oversight generally includes the following duties: They report to you. So they have a solid line relationship to you on the organizational chart. You may have recruited and hired them when the previous DR moved on. You [...]

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The Three Domains of the Physician Executive


In mid-1999, I was hired as  a novice VPMA (vice president for medical affairs) for my new employer, a regional medical center outside of Chicago, Illinois. I had attended many conferences devoted to management and leadership. I had worked as medical director for several different clinics. And, I consistently read the journal produced by the American College of Physician Executives (now called the American Association for Physician Leadership). I felt modestly ready to assume my new role as a hospital physician executive. My [...]

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Nine Maxims for Masterful Meetings


Not a Good Start I showed up in the small conference room at 1:00 PM as instructed. I had been assigned by the CEO to this multidisciplinary committee. I was the physician representative and liaison to the executive team. The chair had been assigned in a similar fashion and had added this responsibility to her many other duties as a director in the Patient Care Division. When I arrived, there was only one other member present. The chair had [...]

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