Do the Right Thing


Brenda was having her usual busy day. She had just started her morning coffee and was getting ready to leave the house. As she glanced at her schedule, she saw that she had agreed to meet with her siblings that afternoon. They were supposed to discuss their elderly parents. There were issues that needed to be clarified before proposing some options about future living arrangements. It was going to be difficult to do the right thing. This was [...]

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The Calm Physician Leader


During our senior executive retreats, we did an exercise in which we provided feedback to our team members about their admirable traits. On more than one occasion, others commented that they appreciated my ability to remain calm. Apparently, in contrast to some of the other team members, I was pretty unflappable. We live in a world of accelerating change, financial shortfalls, and looming competition. A leader that is calm in distressing situations is definitely an asset. […]

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