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Personality Types and Physician Burnout with Heather Fork


This week's blog post is a Guest Post by Heather Fork, MD, CPCC, who blogs at Doctor's Crossing. She provides advice on how to manage our burnout based on our personality types. Heather is a certified coach and owner and founder of Doctor’s Crossing. It's there that she works with physicians who are seeking to renew and reinvigorate their careers and avoid burnout.   After practicing for 9 years in her own successful dermatology practice, she made the difficult decision to [...]

Personality Types and Physician Burnout with Heather Fork2020-03-02T09:07:12-06:00

Effective But Unorthodox Career Advice


When considering a career pivot, mentors and advisors often include an admonition to follow your passion as a key piece of advice. After all, following one’s passion means that you will stick with it. You won’t easily be swayed from working on something you're passionate about, so you'll see it through, even when there are big challenges. To do otherwise would seem to be unorthodox career advice. Besides, numerous surveys of, and interviews with, successful business leaders and [...]

Effective But Unorthodox Career Advice2017-08-16T04:47:24-05:00

Failure Promotes Discovery and Breeds Character


I was awakened at 2:30 AM by the ringing of my home telephone not two feet away. It was startling and disorienting. My “land-line” never rang at night. And my wife and I rarely answer it because only telemarketers call us on that phone. But my wife answered. She determined that the caller wanted to speak to me. After clearing my head for a few seconds and focusing on what the caller was trying to tell me, I [...]

Failure Promotes Discovery and Breeds Character2017-04-15T07:23:14-05:00

How Being Early Builds Success


In addition to blogging on a regular basis, I am a practicing family physician. I work in an urgent care clinic as medical director and clinician. As I arrived early for my shift this morning, I thought, “you know, there are many advantages to being early.” My commute is rather long (over an hour each way). On 2 or 3 occasions I have been severely delayed due to major accidents on the tollways that I take to work (Quel [...]

How Being Early Builds Success2016-11-02T16:06:20-05:00

The Need for Vitality


There are a lot of personal attributes that physician leaders need to foster in themselves and encourage in others: Accountability Integrity Passion Patience Discipline But there is one that I think is often neglected: Vitality Vitality is defined as “the power to endure or survive; mental or physical vigor; energy.” But vitality is not as easily maintained as some other leadership attributes. […]

The Need for Vitality2016-09-30T15:39:51-05:00


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