I joined the American College of Physician Executives in 1994. It was one of the best resources I've ever found for fledgling physician leaders. It is now called the American Association for Physician Leadership (AAPL). And it has continued to provide education and support for me and thousands of other physician leaders.

I thought it would be helpful to discuss the organization. It is clearly dedicated to promoting physician leadership.  For more than 40 years, the AAPL has helped physician leaders develop their skills and enhance their careers. It has accomplished this through education, coaching, mentorship and by providing a supportive community of peers.

Introducing Dian Ginsberg

Dian Ginsberg currently serves as the Director of Career Services for the AAPL. In this capacity, Dian coaches physicians in the strategic development of their career plans.

She is a is a Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC). And, she holds a master’s degree in Career and Technical Education from the University of South Florida.

Prior to working with the AAPL, Dian worked with the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. While there, she coached deans from MBA programs through their accreditation process.

She is passionate about career development. She believes that psychometric assessments can be leveraged to identify blind spots and help individuals become effective business leaders.

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Dian provides a great overview of the AAPL's current educational, coaching and career services. She describes its newly enhanced psychometric assessment. This services helps physicians understand the types of career they're most suited for, and areas needing additional educational programming.

Certified Physician Executive Program

She also describes the Certified Physician Executive program. This certification requires about 125 hours of leadership training, with a final 3-1/2 day Capstone session with a cohort of peers. I found the program quite useful, both in terms of the content I needed to learn, and the live interaction with a group of my peers. And, I continue to remain close with some of those CPE colleagues.

Also, as I look through job postings, I increasingly see the CPE mentioned as a desirable certification for positions for physician leaders.

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In Closing

You can contact Dian Ginsberg's office at the AAPL by calling 800-562-8088.

You can also go to the web site at physicianleaders.org.

Let’s end today’s episode with this quote:

successful physician leaders

Next Time

In my next episode, I present a conversation with Kate Atchley, Ph.D., the executive director of the Physician Executive MBA program at Haslam College of Business. Having successfully graduated over 650 physician executives, she tells us much about who would benefit from such a program, and what to expect if you pursue a business degree.

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