In this podcast episode, I talk with physician advisor and medical director, Timothy Owolabi. But first, I want to describe an opportunity and a podcast review.


Here’s the potential opportunity: I decided to participate in Michael Hyatt’s goal setting program called 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever.

I know it is a great program, and I'm a big believer in setting annual goals. It was something our hospital management team did every year and it generated great results for our hospital. When I've prepared written goals for myself, I've always been much more effective.

physician advisor smart goals

My plan was to complete the program this year, and then promote it to my blog and podcast audiences as an affiliate program next year. Then we could go through the program together next year with our own private Facebook Group.

But then I got to thinking – why wait until next year? Why don’t I offer it to my listeners and readers and then go through the program with them now?

So, that’s my plan. It’s a great program. I don’t want to spend too much time describing it here. But if you want to supercharge your success and have a wildly successful 2018, you should check it out.

You can learn more about it, and get a bunch of FREE high value content, including a self-assessment and webinars about goal setting, without any obligation by going to BEST YEAR EVER

I’ll have more information for you there.

Podcast Review

I have another podcast review today. Today’s podcast by physicians for physicians is Hippocratic Hustle.

I listen to most episodes. But I’m not sure that I should be listening, given the description…

physician advisor hippocratic hustleAccording to Dr. Carrie Reynolds, she developed the Hippocratic Hustle “to create a space where women doctors can come together and share their stories of their business, project or side-hustle… and explore ways to stretch our hard-earned dollars and be more efficient with our time and money.”

The podcast began posting weekly episodes in June of 2017. A pediatric gastroenterologist by training, Reynolds does a very good job as an interviewer.

I especially enjoyed the interviews with Rachna Patel, in episode 17, and Nilong Vyas, in episode 24. Both guests have inspirational stories for those of us seeking a career pivot.

There are plenty of episodes to enjoy. One of the recurring topics is finances, during which Reynolds is joined by dermatologist and financial expert Bonnie Koo.

I recommend you give the podcast a listen. It can be found by searching for Hippocratic Hustle on the Apple Podcast App, or by going to the website at

Modern Physician Advisor

OK – let’s get into our main content. Today’s interview is with Timothy Owolabi, Physician Advisor and Medical Director of the Care Management Department at Summit Health in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

I heard Tim speak at the annual SEAK conference on Nonclinical Careers for Physicians. He was very passionate about his career. And there was a lot of interest in this topic.

He is board certified in family medicine, a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians, and a certified professional coder through the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC).

During the interview, we spoke about:

  1. The definition of “physician advisor” and other terms used to describe a physician who works in hospital case management and utilization review.
  2. His role as Medical Director of Care Management.
  3. The functions of a care management department.
  4. What he likes about his job as physician advisor and as medical director.
  5. His specific duties and the three roles of the physician advisor.
  6. The background and training of most physician advisors.
  7. The best way to achieve the necessary skills, including conferences that can be attended.
  8. Certifications that can be obtained for the position of physician advisor.
  9. Helpful organizations physicians can join.
  10. Other resources that might be helpful to review for such a position.
  11. The salary and benefits of a physician advisor and medical director.

In Closing

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Let’s close with a quote:

physician advisor quote hospital length of stay

Please join me next time on Physician Nonclinical Careers. Until then – Take Care.

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