Interview with Dr. Mario Mendoza

This week Dr. Mario Mendoza helps you find a job in pharma or the medical device industry.

Mario is an anesthesiologist, chemist, biotech medical affairs consultant, and biotech careers coach. He shares what he has learned from 13-plus years of experience in patient care, drug/device clinical development and medical affairs, and FDA regulation of medical devices. 

Mario also advises early-stage biotech companies as an Executive-in-Residence at the Center for Biotechnology at Stony Brook University. There, he provides his expertise in branding, clinical development, medical affairs, and regulatory requirements for drugs and devices. And he is the founder of a charitable organization called, his calling, and mission. 

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Learning How To Find A Job in Pharma

Mario provided a fairly comprehensive look at pharma jobs. And he shared his advice for finding a job in the pharma and medical devices industry.

To bolster our understanding, he went into detail in how jobs in Medical Affairs Departments fit together. He also shared information about pharmacovigilance (sometimes called patient safety), sales, and clinical development.

He described how FDA, CDC, and NIH fellowships can be used to prepare you for a job in Industry. Mario personally completed an FDA fellowship, which help set him up for his first job in the pharma industry.

Coaching and Consulting

Now Mario has created a life and career that he really enjoys. He provides consulting advice to early-stage biotech companies through the Center for Biotechnology at Stoney Brook University. And he founded his own business called BorderBioMed. Through it, he offers drug and medical device clinical development and medical affairs strategy, and medical device regulatory pathway strategy. He also contributes key opinion leader, medical science liaison, marketing, investor, and payer medical content and messaging development. 

The most important thing is really to bring value to others. – Dr. Mario Mendoza

On the career coaching side, he advises physicians and other professionals to help them find and excel in the pharma, biotech, and medical device industries. 


There are plentiful jobs for physicians in “Industry.” And in today's episode, Dr. Mario Mendoza generously shares his expertise. So be sure to take notes, and listen through a second time if necessary. And use the links to learn more about what Mario is doing and consider his coaching services if you're serious about moving into this field.

Dr. Mendoza will be one of the panelists at the upcoming Physician Helping Physicians Conference starting on March 5, 2021. Go to the Virtual Conferences page and you’ll see his smiling face along with a couple of dozen other nontraditional career experts. It's a great way to learn about nonclinical jobs and obtain great expert coaching. If you register, be sure to say hello and tell Michelle Mudge-Riley that I sent you!

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