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In this episode of the PNC podcast, John describes nine excellent books that will help educate you as you begin your career journey.

The first two books will get you in the right frame of mind. And they provide tools to help you to overcome the self-limiting beliefs that might hold you back. Then John presents four books written to assist you in your selection of a nonclinical career.

The last three of these excellent books are written to assist in your transition to a personal-brand business, freelance consulting, a cash-only business, or locum tenens. A locums job can be permanent, or a bridge to your nonclinical career.

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Links to the Nine Excellent Books 

Here are links to the nine excellent books described in this episode (most of these are affiliate links):








the positioned physic



If you're just getting started on your career transition, these nine excellent books will provide the tools you need to take your first steps. 

At a minimum, you should first read either Jenny Blake's Pivot or Gay Hendricks' The Big Leap. Then move to Michael McLaughlin's book, followed by Hiedi Moawad's book Careers Beyond Clinical Medicine and Sylvie Stacy's 50 Nonclinical Careers for Physicians. Finally, if you decide to follow one of these paths, then read the book listed below:

  • Personal Brand Entrepreneur – Rise of the Youpreneur by Chris Ducker
  • Freelance Consulting or Cash-Based Clinical Business – The Positioned Physician by Michael A. Woo-Ming
  • Locum Tenens – The Locum Life by Andrew Willner.

Links for Today's Episode

  • See the above book images to learn more about each one.

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