Christmas Morning Thoughts and Stories


I remember the old movies depicting the chaos and excitement of children waking up early and rushing to check the Christmas tree for presents, just as the sun comes peeking over the horizon. Then, the parents slowly, but happily, wake up and join the children on Christmas morning. Compared to our house, with 10 (yes, TEN) children, those scenes resembled a solemn funeral procession compared to the cyclone that hit our house at 5:30 AM on Christmas morning. Sometimes our parents [...]

Christmas Morning Thoughts and Stories2016-12-24T15:11:21-06:00

Regrets and Nostalgia on Thanksgiving Day


I'm making myself crazy. I'm working on Thanksgiving Day, seeing a trickle of patients (about one per hour). This is to be expected. But I am beating myself up because I am overdue for my next blog post (in my internal schedule it was due to be published a day or two ago). In actual fact, I had about 70% of a post ready to go two days ago. But I decided that it just sucked, so I [...]

Regrets and Nostalgia on Thanksgiving Day2016-11-26T11:31:16-06:00


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