Dr. William Lynagh is a board-certified family physician with a somewhat eclectic career. In today's interview, he describes some of the rules he uses to make career decisions.

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Dr. William Lynagh's Story

The first time Dr. Lynagh was admitted to medical school, he withdrew his application and joined the Peace Corps instead.

Several years later, he reconsidered, returned to medical school, and then completed a family medicine residency. He practiced in several different settings. And he found himself being pulled into management roles as he volunteered for committees and part-time management duties.

And, like myself and others of that era, he found that there were few role-models for getting into physician management.

He worked for a few years in managed care at United Healthcare, taught leadership principles to non-physicians for a while, and eventually landed at the Advisory Board Company. It was there that he led the Physician Leadership Academy, a service that I remember well.

He also spent a short time working as an independent consultant, and he is now contemplating his next move. I thought it would be fun and instructive to listen as Bill recounts his experiences, and shares the lessons he learned while making his career decisions over the years.

Like many of us, his early forays into nonclinical activities resulted from filling a local need when others would not step up. But then, he realized that he enjoyed those activities, and his career path became more intentional. He started to actively pursue those nonclinical activities.

More Career Decisions

He decided early in his career to stop doing part-time clinical work. As we discussed, there are many physicians that continue to see patients well into their full-time management or consulting jobs.

During our conversation, Bill hit on some concepts that are worth emphasizing:

  • The importance of consistently taking action if you want to make real progress;
  • The benefits of taking time to reflect and solicit feedback so that you can become more self-aware, in both clinical practice and in management;
  • Reading the book Man's Search for Meaning* by Viktor Frankl, provided him with some great insights and inspiration and is recommended reading;
  • How crafting your own personal purpose statement helps clarify your goals and inform important career decisions; and
  • His belief that servant leadership is a philosophy and set of practices that can be very helpful to aspiring leaders.

He described how those concepts help drive his career decisions.

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