A Review of the First Physicians Helping Physicians Networking Conference

I’m still super excited by the conference I attended last weekend in Austin, Texas. And I want to talk about it today.

Enjoying Austin Texas

I apologize for any confusion around the numbering of today's episode. I recorded this after my interview with Marjorie Stiegler, so this is Episode 85 and the next one will be Episode 84, because it was too late to change the numbering on it. But no big deal.

PHP career conference

The Physicians Helping Physicians Networking conference took place on April 6 and 7. There were close to 100 of you attending this first meeting. It was great.

Michelle Mudge-Riley did a great job pulling this off. She and all of the presenters were very pleased by the response – by your interest and engagement.

And it was a fantastic experience. Austin is such a cool city.

I arrived a day early and spent Friday with a close friend I hadn’t seen in several years. Rich had the whole day planned.

Visiting the Bullock Museum

We started by heading to the University of Texas campus to watch the Bullock Museum's 16-minute film Star of Destiny. Historic events such as the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 come to life with special lighting, and amazing sound effects. The seats shake as a gusher explodes from an East Texas oil derrick and the Saturn V takes off as if youre seated at Mission Control in Houston. Sound and sensory effects, such as wind and smoke, made it a truly memorable experience.

Revolving Suchi Bar and Ziplines

We ate lunch at one of the revolving sushi bars in Austin, where you electronically order your soup and it arrives via a conveyor belt 2 minutes later. Then you can pull a dish right off the lower conveyor that presents a continuous stream of sushi, sashimi and other Japanese delights. It was quite an experience and the food was very good.

We had a quick drink at the Oasis Restaurant with its awesome view of Lake Travis, then headed over to Lake Tavis Zipline Adventures. The experience included a ½ – mile zipline. It ended with parallel ziplines in which Rich and I raced each other on the fastest ziplines in Texas.

The conference ran from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon. Michelle welcomed everyone and kicked it off – then we heard each of the presenters describe their career journeys.

Between sessions, the other mentors and I had a chance to meet with many of you. I was pleased to personally meet those of you who have engaged on the Facebook group, connected by email, or spoken with me by phone.

Collaborating with Excellent Speakers

I had the opportunity to reconnect with online colleagues and former guests, including Heather Fork, Brian Young, Mike Woo-Ming, Dara Lipshutz, Jon Larson, Lynette Charity and our host Michelle Mudge-Riley.

I enjoyed partnering with Dr. Jay Dave to speak about six careers for non-residency trained physicians. Those careers include:

  • Medical Science Liaison
  • Medical Writing
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement
  • Med Communications
  • Consulting
  • Medical Monitor

Dr. Jesse Lopez and I addressed podcasting. I was surprised at how many of you were thinking about doing a podcast. We had fun sharing our experiences with you.

I also talked about my experiences in hospital management. The highlight may have been when I used Guidestar.org to demonstrate that the CMO of a community hospital just outside Chicago was paid over $800,000. The salaries for hospital and health system executives are very good.

Great Speakers and Mentors

Let me mention the rest of the speakers. They included Heather Fork, Lynn Marie Morski, Mike Woo-Ming, Leslie Bohl, Swarma Balasubramaniam, Matt McGuire, Brian Young, Christopher Leonard, Natasha Nurse, Jon Larson, Tom Miller, Jim Klopp, Swati Shah, Rich Berning, and Dara Lipschutz.

We addressed many topics of interest to those considering a change to their current job situation: mindset issues, careers in pharma and hospital management, entrepreneurship and start-up investing, UM medical director, personal branding, online marketing, public speaking, informatics, expert witness, independent medical exams, coaching, weight loss clinics, locum tenens, resume writing, optimizing your LinkedIn profile, and more.

There were some videos recorded, and I may be able to make those available to you in a few weeks. I’ll let you know when they’re available.

To those who said hello and told me that you listen to the podcast – I really appreciate you. You’re what makes all of this worthwhile.

It was a very exciting conference. I plan on bringing several of the faculty onto the PNC podcast over coming weeks.

I apologize if I have forgotten to mention anyone involved in the conference.

Before I go, I have a quick request of you. I could use a few more ratings and reviews. It helps to get the word out about the podcast. If you get a minute scroll down to the bottom of your favorite smartphone app or go to iTunes on your desktop and post a quick comment and rating.

Please join me in a few days for episode 084 when I present my interview with Dr. Marjorie Stiegler. Her career has been remarkable and I know you’ll enjoy it.

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