Dr. Leah Houston is a board-certified Emergency Physician. She was caught up in a credentialing snafu that inspired her to start a new company to address the issue. As an entrepreneur, she intends to create a very secure physician-controlled credentialing tool using blockchain technology.

While practicing medicine across the U.S., Dr. Houston recognized a common problem affecting physicians. It’s uncompensated administrative burdens related to physician credentialing that lead to administrative waste and physician burnout. This burden reduces access to patient care and worsens the physician shortage.

She began her company, HPEC (which can be found at hpec.io) in early 2018 when she realized blockchain could solve the problem with its distributed ledger technology. H-PEC is using that technology to create a decentralized autonomous organization of doctors by verifying the credentials of every physician member and making that information portable and secure.

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She’s an entrepreneur in the early phases of creating this start-up company. She’s been promoting her business, pitching it to investor groups, and seeking physician partners.

Leah is super-enthusiastic about this new venture. And part of her inspiration comes from addressing a personal credentialing nightmare that she describes in some detail during our conversation. It's a bit reminiscent of my conversation with Sylvia Romm.

One disclaimer: I’m not making any judgment with regard to the likelihood of success of her business, nor am I making any recommendation to invest or partner in her venture.

Using Blockchain to Protect Physicians

During our conversation, Leah touched on the following topics:

  • The credentialing issue that helped motivate her to create her company.
  • How her entrepreneurial interests developed.
  • The challenges facing physicians as it relates to credentialing and licensing.
  • How her company, HPEC, intends to solve this problem.
  • How to find incubators such as StartUp Health.
  • An invitation to listeners to contact her and consider joining her mission to use blockchain to bring control of healthcare back into physicians' hands.
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The most surprising realization that I had during our interview was that many of us may not be aware that former employers are using our credentials to order tests, or bill for services, long after we've left employment. That can lead to a situation, as it did with Dr. Houston, in which we're wrongly accused of practicing without a license, or of billing for services that we did not perform.

Contact Leah Houston

I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Leah. Her story was both frightening and inspiring. I think she gave us a good glimpse into the world of health technology start-ups.

You can learn more about her company at hpec.io and you can email her at support@hpec.io.

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