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Time has run out for the sign-up for Best Year Ever 2018.

Check back in December and we should have BYE 2019 ready to sell!

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I think I mentioned that I'm trying something new this year. I'm helping to promote a product that I REALLY believe in.

5 Days to Your Best Year Ever

Registration for Michael Hyatt's 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever goal-setting course closes today!

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That's right — at midnight Pacific Time TONIGHT, the doors close. And you won't be able to buy the course for a whole year.

If you want to take those forgotten goals off the back burner and put a system in place to actually achieve them, this is for you.

If you do one thing differently in 2018, make it this course.

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Any other reasons to sign up now?

Yes. Because there are some great BONUSES:

  1. Michael Hyatt offers several great bonuses if you sign up for the VIP Plan like I did. But in addition…
  2. If you sign up through this page, you can join my Private Facebook Group and we can go through the program TOGETHER. (Here is the link to the private FB Group –>  Vital Physician Best Year Ever Mastermind Group).
  3. If you're a physician and one of your goals is to get a new, better-paying, CLINICAL job, and you register for the program, let me know and I will send you a copy of my eBook The Smart Physician's Guide to Negotiating Salary and Other Vital Contract Issues.
  4. I will provide a personal one-hour coaching session related to career change, or pursuing a career in hospital management, to anyone signing up for the program.
  5. Micheal Hyatt provides a 30-Day MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

Get yourself set up for a super successful 2018 by registering now: Best Year Ever Program