Here’s What Happens When You Fail to Communicate


Over the years, I have witnessed some minor disasters that could have been averted with a little better communication and planning. Some of these nightmares were of my doing. Some were by other overconfident leaders who could not find the time nor self-discipline to engage in the fierce conversations that were needed to avert them. But bad things can happen when you fail to communicate consistently. One of the more common traps I've seen involves the contract termination [...]

Here’s What Happens When You Fail to Communicate2017-01-18T22:14:22-06:00

Why Demoralize Your Employed Physicians Over Tail Coverage?


I was sitting across the table with a new family physician recruit for the third time. He was a particularly challenging recruit to work with, but we really needed family physicians. We had added several physician assistants and nurse practitioners and we needed qualified primary care physicians to collaborate with them. We were back to discussing tail coverage. I had explained to the candidate that it was our practice to require tail coverage to be covered by the physician. It was [...]

Why Demoralize Your Employed Physicians Over Tail Coverage?2017-01-01T11:11:33-06:00

The Calm Physician Leader


During our senior executive retreats, we did an exercise in which we provided feedback to our team members about their admirable traits. On more than one occasion, others commented that they appreciated my ability to remain calm. Apparently, in contrast to some of the other team members, I was pretty unflappable. We live in a world of accelerating change, financial shortfalls, and looming competition. A leader that is calm in distressing situations is definitely an asset. […]

The Calm Physician Leader2016-07-26T12:51:59-05:00

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