Inflated Physician Compensation Prompts OIG Scrutiny


Modern Healthcare recently reported that Mercy Hospital Springfield and its affiliate clinic settled a case with the Department of Justice for allegedly submitting false claims to Medicare (Mercy pays $34 million to settle fraud, physician compensation claims). The case involved allegations of inflated physician compensation at an infusion center. Modern Healthcare quoted the DOJ: “When physicians are rewarded financially for referring patients to hospitals or other healthcare providers, it can affect their medical judgment, resulting in a overutilization [...]

Inflated Physician Compensation Prompts OIG Scrutiny2017-06-17T12:26:34-05:00

Physician Salaries and OIG Risk


I have been following news reports about recent OIG (Office of Inspector General) investigations related to physician compensation. These investigations have resulted in fines related to alleged Stark Law and FCA (False Claims Act) violations. There seems to be more activity recently, including investigations in response to whistle-blower lawsuits. Here is my take: Hospitals and health systems that use survey data (such as MGMA and AMGA) to set compensation levels for newly employed physicians are under intense scrutiny. This scrutiny results [...]

Physician Salaries and OIG Risk2016-09-15T04:27:22-05:00

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