The Ultimate Swindle Known As Sham Peer Review


  Interview with Dr. Lawrence Huntoon - 341 In today's episode, Dr. Lawrence Huntoon offers insights into sham peer review, an all-to-common abuse of the peer review process. Dr. Huntoon is editor-in-chief of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons and an expert on this topic. During our discussion, he highlights the importance of early recognition, prompt legal representation, and aggressive defense in response to sham peer review to safeguard your career.  Our Show Sponsor We're [...]

The Ultimate Swindle Known As Sham Peer Review2024-02-27T07:07:35-06:00

Negotiate a Great Contract, Avoid Burnout, and Be Happy


  Interview with Ethan Nkana - Episode 339 In today's episode, Ethan Nkana explains how to negotiate a great contract, avoid burnout, and protect yourself legally. Ethan's advice revolves around empowering physicians to advocate for their best interests, understand the nuances of their contracts, and seek professional assistance for optimal negotiations. Our Show Sponsor We're proud to have the University of Tennessee Physician Executive MBA Program, offered by the Haslam College of Business, as the sponsor of [...]

Negotiate a Great Contract, Avoid Burnout, and Be Happy2024-02-13T09:47:54-06:00


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