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7 Must See Hospital Board Reports


I was walking towards the cafeteria one morning when I recognized one of our hospital board members. I recalled seeing him at one the meetings where I had presented hospital board reports addressing quality. We stopped to chat for a minute. He had been on the board for several years, and had an intimate knowledge of the performance of the hospital. He knew many of the local medical staff. His wife had once worked for the hospital.   [...]

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Shape Your Hospital Performance Measures and Boost Your Reputation


I remember the first time our CEO announced to our board of directors that we had received the Top 100 Hospital designation. I believe the award was “owned” by Solucient at the time. It actually came as a shock because we were not expecting it. I was VPMA back then. We were just vaguely aware of the hospital performance measures it used. The CEO and board were very proud of the designation. We all were. It was a welcome [...]

Shape Your Hospital Performance Measures and Boost Your Reputation2016-11-29T16:44:16-06:00

Use Root Cause Analysis Approach to Fine-Tune the Job Interview


Recruiting new staff is a big challenge. I have found the job interview to be especially unrewarding. It is time-consuming. And the results are often disappointing, in terms of finding the best team members. I am no HR guru, and no expert on the use of screening programs for hiring. But I have been involved in interviewing and recruiting many new employees for my practice and the hospital where I worked as CMO. Based on discussion with administrators at other hospitals, [...]

Use Root Cause Analysis Approach to Fine-Tune the Job Interview2016-11-05T13:17:42-05:00

How to Lead a Top 100 Hospital


We all want to be part of an organization that embodies excellence. And as a physician leader, you are a key to achieving that outcome. Nothing satisfies a board more than recognition as a Top 100 Hospital. A few years into my tenure as VPMA, our CEO left to take a new position, and the COO, after a search that included internal and external interviews, was chosen to lead the organization. Shortly after his appointment, he and the board made [...]

How to Lead a Top 100 Hospital2016-11-26T11:56:04-06:00

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