5 Simple Tactics That Will Hasten Your Career Transition – 060


Welcome back to the PNC podcast. Today I'd like to discuss 5 simple tactics that will hasten your transition to a nonclinical career. [Note: this material was originally presented as a guest post on Look for Zebras. You can find many other useful articles and resources related to nonclinical careers there. – John] Before we get started, I want to thank our sponsor, the University of Tennessee Physician Executive MBA Program offered by the Haslam College of Business. You’ll [...]

5 Simple Tactics That Will Hasten Your Career Transition – 0602021-03-22T20:20:56-05:00

Top Clues Reveal the Victim Mentality


Did I reveal the victim mentality in myself in a recent blog post? I think I did. In an article for my blog a few months ago, what I wrote was perceived as critical of certain physician leaders. I linked to examples of their writing that were popular with physician readers. They pertained to issues that physicians find very intrusive, that promote burnout, and often interfere with the practice of medicine.  In quoting their articles, I made it look [...]

Top Clues Reveal the Victim Mentality2020-03-02T09:10:12-06:00

Physicians: Stop Complaining and Start Leading


I'm intrigued by the number of articles written about the frustrations of medical practice. It makes for good reading, because it resonates with many physicians. From bloggers writing about maintainance of certification and regulations that are destroying medicine, to articles on KevinMD about burnout, physicians are not shy about complaining. But maybe it's time to stop complaining and start leading. If you stop in any hospital doctor's lounge, you will certainly hear a lot more complaining. We complain about [...]

Physicians: Stop Complaining and Start Leading2017-07-18T17:41:56-05:00

How to Stop Your Boss’ Micromanagement Today


Micromanagement can be defined as a management style that involves closely monitoring and/or controlling how employees do their jobs. It's a poor management technique that wastes time, fails to utilize our staff’s full potential, and causes resentment and frustration in those being controlled. … the highway! It is one of the 4 things that drive employees crazy, according to Dan Rockwell. […]

How to Stop Your Boss’ Micromanagement Today2017-06-14T09:28:06-05:00

Create a Wildly Effective Annual Management Plan


My practice partner and I had been working together for about a year in our small family practice. A medical equipment salesperson approached us promoting a new device that would surely bring in additional practice revenue. After considering the purchase, we decided to proceed. We signed a loan agreement and purchased the device. It would take 5 years to pay back the loan. We were convinced the device would generate procedures that would easily cover the loan payments. Eighteen months [...]

Create a Wildly Effective Annual Management Plan2017-05-10T04:56:09-05:00

Monthly Leadership Favorites – April 2017 Edition


It's time for the VITAL Physician Executive's Monthly Leadership Favorites – April 2017 Edition. In this feature I share inspiring and enlightening advice from respected leaders, generally from outside of healthcare (but not always). Leadership Favorites – April 2017 Edition This month's favorites follow… United Airlines Faux Pas United Airlines provided some obvious examples recently of how NOT to treat your customers (a.k.a. patients). Without getting into the weeds, here is what was reported: United Airlines overbooked a flight; [...]

Monthly Leadership Favorites – April 2017 Edition2017-04-16T19:21:49-05:00

Preparing to Be a Better Physician Leader – Part 1


Several events this week inspired me to think about preparing to be a better physician leader. A colleague reminded me about the upcoming Spring Institute and Annual Meeting of the American Association for Physician Leadership. I had just completed registering myself. And I volunteered to act as an ambassador, assisting with introducing speakers and helping to support the meeting. Networking with colleagues and old friends will be fun. And I look forward to spending time in New York City with my wife, [...]

Preparing to Be a Better Physician Leader – Part 12017-03-30T04:54:11-05:00

How Being Early Builds Success


In addition to blogging on a regular basis, I am a practicing family physician. I work in an urgent care clinic as medical director and clinician. As I arrived early for my shift this morning, I thought, “you know, there are many advantages to being early.” My commute is rather long (over an hour each way). On 2 or 3 occasions I have been severely delayed due to major accidents on the tollways that I take to work (Quel [...]

How Being Early Builds Success2016-11-02T16:06:20-05:00

Attitudes You Should Drop Now to Succeed as a Leader


As physicians, we easily fall into the trap of blaming outside influences (e.g., insurance companies, regulators and big hospital systems) for our daily frustrations. We become quietly resigned to long hours and declining payments. Paradoxically, because we write “orders” we also become accustomed to having things our way in our offices and hospitals. But as emerging physician executives, we must reject these attitudes in order to successfully lead. The Surprise I was meeting with one of my direct reports and it looked like I [...]

Attitudes You Should Drop Now to Succeed as a Leader2016-10-22T15:55:55-05:00

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