In this podcast episode, I speak with Dr. Mandy Armitage about her career as a medical writer. She was trained and board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation, and sports medicine.

After working clinically, she transitioned to working full-time in medical writing. She has experience as a freelancer and a full-time employed writer. She currently serves as a Medical Director for HealthLoop and continues freelance medical writing at Armitage Medical.

I've been interested in writing myself. It's one of  the reasons I started this blog. But Mandy is very serious about writing and describes what she did to make this her full-time career.

Mandy is also passionate about helping others to pursue a career in medical writing. During our conversation, she describes her transition from practicing physician to full-time writer, including resources that she used to develop her writing skills. She also defines the various categories of medical writing.

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Here is some of her advice for transitioning to a writing career:

She goes into some detail about each of these resources.

Although we did not spend much time discussing her freelance activities, Mandy still provides writing services through her own company, Armitage Medical. Some of the content she produces includes abstracts, CME and CE materials, treatment guidelines, journal articles, literature reviews, news stories and feature articles.

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In Closing

You can contact Mandy Armitage using her contact form at Armitage Medical. You can also reach her on LinkedIn.

Let’s end today’s episode with this quote:

Next Time

In my next podcast episode, I'll present a conversation with a physician who transitioned out of medicine because of an injury. Although she loved her chosen career, she could no longer practice her specialty because of it. She tells us how she came to grips with that, and leveraged her experiences to create a new career as a physician advocate.

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Here is a list of resources mentioned in this episode:

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