Interview With Lawrence Earl, MD, of UrgentCareMentor


Welcome to my second interview with a successful physician executive and leader. This time, I interview Lawrence Earl, MD. Larry made the transition early in his career from practicing clinician to medical director and then owner/CEO of his own urgent care company. He later sold his practice to Concentra, a large provider of urgent care and occupational medicine services that is very well-known in the urgent care arena. I know the company because when I was looking to [...]

Interview With Lawrence Earl, MD, of UrgentCareMentor2017-05-30T13:04:08-05:00

Interview with Jeremy Blanchard from Language of Caring


One of my favorite pastimes is to listen to interviews on podcasts like the Tim Ferris Show (of The 4-Hour Workweek fame). I also like to read written interviews such as the recent one by Physician on Fire with Jim Collins. After starting this blog, I began to wonder if an interview might be of interest to my readers. One of the subgroups of my audience is physicians who are just starting or considering a career in management. I therefore decided to [...]

Interview with Jeremy Blanchard from Language of Caring2017-01-11T16:12:07-06:00

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